Defining Outcomes for the Hearing Services Program

The overall aim of this research was to develop and deliver recommendations on evidence-based outcome measures for implementation of a client outcomes-focussed program for those receiving hearing devices in order to measure the success and cost effectiveness of the Hearing Services Program.

Clinical outcomes of Hearing Australia in-person and remote services

This study aimed to assess and understand, using a retrospective mixed-methods design: 1. whether clients receiving hearing services delivered remotely obtained similar or different clinical outcomes to clients receiving hearing services delivered in-person, and 2. the experiences that clients had of remotely delivered services and their decision to access or refuse those services.

Optimising connected hearing health services to improve client outcomes

This project aimed to understand why hearing service staff use or refuse connected hearing health services; to attempt to optimise the use of several existing services based on this understanding; and to explore trends in connected health and technology that might help shape the development, trial, and implementation of future connected hearing health services.